Sarah Payne Coaching Services, LLC

Sarah Payne BS, ELI-MP CPC

Personal Development Coach
​Live empowered from your Core

You are the LEADER of your empowered and make decisions that reflect who you are at your CORE...I can show you how

Welcome to my website!  I am so glad you are here to explore my coaching business and how I can support you in enhancing your life, relationships and your business or profession!  Please know that all of us are LEADERS and that when we live consciously and in alignment with our Core Values then we access our leadership potential and live our authentic purpose!

  • Are you experiencing feelings of frustration or conflict in one or more areas of your life?
  • Are you experiencing a situation that has left you feeling let down or disappointed?
  • Are you struggling with making decisions you feel confident about in your life?
  • Do you wonder if you could be doing more with your life or career?
  • Does your life feel out of your control at times?
  • Do you often feel that there is little to no hope that things will change for you?

YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE…..and it doesn’t have to be this way anymore!!!!!

We all have an internal compass that we can access to guide us through our lives but often beliefs and behavior patterns we have allowed to live by create a kind of chatter in our minds that hold us back from happiness, success and living out our true potential.

​​I want to show you how you can silence the chatter, connect with your internal compass and become an empowered leader of your life.   This will move you to pursue things you once believed you could not achieve and experience joy and satisfaction you never realized you could.

I work with women and men who want MORE out their lives and are seeking a better way to navigate the various challenges they face and lead their lives through accessing their internal compass and core values.
If you are ready to access the internal compass within you, be the leader you want to be, and make this journey of life fulfilling in every way, coaching is for you and I am that Coach.

Who is Sarah?