Sarah Payne Coaching Services, LLC

Sarah Payne BS, ELI-MP CPC

Personal Development Coach
​Live empowered from your Core

You are the LEADER of your empowered and make decisions that reflect who you are at your CORE...I can show you how
About Sarah
I am happily married to a wonderful man who is my biggest fan and I am a mom to three fur babies, a cat and two dogs. I currently reside in beautiful Arizona but grew up in northern Indiana, where most of my family still resides.  I am a woman who has always believed in possibilty and personal empowerment, as well as leadership potential in everyone.
I am a certified, Professional Coach who partners with my clients to access their own internal compass and leadership potential to create and achieve what they desire in life, both personally and professionally.   
After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Individual and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology, I spent 13 years of my professional career working in the behavioral health and addiction treatment field but longed to help others and own my own business.

 I am a proud graduate of  the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching program and am certified as a professional coach. Through the certification process at iPEC, I learned, and I teach, the Core Energy process which empowers clients to achieve their goals in a way they never imagined was possible.  I am also certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.  I utilize the ELI Assessment & Debrief with all of my clients, as well as the Energy Leadership Development System.  The ELI is a comprehensive, attitudinal assessment that can show you how you show up energetically in your life and what may be holding you back from personal and professional growth and happiness.  It is only administered by trained graduates of iPEC.
 We are all beings made up of energy, and how we present ourselves in the world is that energy.  When we understand how we show up as energy, we raise our consciousness and increase our intuition and insight of ourselves and others.  When we raise our consciousness, we then can choose how we want to show up in our life from a place of personal truth and personal values.  THIS is what it means to be EMPOWERED. 

The individual possesses all of the insight and answers they need to live their life to the fullest.  I work with the individual to unlock and access this knowledge, while empowering and championing them to move forward.  This process is powerful and life changing.  It has definitely changed me and I know it can change anyone who is open and willing to experience change.