Sarah Payne Coaching Services, LLC

Sarah Payne BS, ELI-MP CPC

Personal Development Coach
​Live empowered from your Core

You are the LEADER of your empowered and make decisions that reflect who you are at your CORE...I can show you how

ELI Assessment and Debrief Session
-Online access to completion of the comprehensive attitudinal assessment
-results emailed to you prior to scheduled debrief session
-Individual debrief session of up to 2 hours to go over results and come up with a plan of action

Energy Leadership Development System
-12 week structured program to explore and enhance leadership potential
-includes weekly or bi-weekly individual sessions
-program includes workbook that focuses on either life leadership development or corporate leadership development
-each program can be tailored to meet the individual goals of the client

Law of Being Program
-12 week personal development program that is self directed by client and coaching support provided by coach
-individual coaching sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) to explore what is discovered in the LOB program and address personal goals
-includes a Energy Leadership Index assessment 
Individual Coaching Sessions (following ELI Debrief)
-Individual Coaching sessions must follow completion of Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and debrief session
-4 weekly individual coaching sessions for 50 minutes each (via Skype/Facetime or phone)
-unlimited email communication within that 4 session period 
-personalized worksheets and tools tailored to your individual goals
-unlimited access to my bi-weekly newsletter

-Coaching contract can be renewed following completion of the 4 sessions, as discussed between coach and client. **Rate for the 4 sessions does not increase upon renewal provided there is no break in completion of sessions.


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