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Coaching: What it is, what it isn't and is it for me?
What is Coaching?
  • Coaching is a professional, collaborative effort between the client and the coach to bring the client's goals for empowerment and fulfillment to reality
  • The CLIENT designs their own roadmap to success with the support of the Coach who asks intuitive questions, creates goal-directed activities for the client and then holds the client to task on those assignments
  • Desired outcomes are determined in the beginning of working together by the CLIENT, not the Coach, as the client knows themselves the best
  • Coaching is a process of identifying blocks to client's desired success and removing those blocks with an action plan individually tailored to the client 
  • Coaching is an investment in yourself and your life that will yield returns which are immeasurable in value
How is Coaching different from other, similar services?
Consulting Services:
  • Coaching services are not Consulting services; Consultants traditionally solve problems for their clients. Coaches collaborate with their client to identify what the client wants to change and the client makes the change with the coach's encouragement and support.
  • Coaching is not Counseling; Counseling, in most cases, deals with past issues and healing pain from it so a client can move out of dysfunction.  Coaching brings a client from functioning to performing at an optimal level.
  • Coaching is not Mentoring; Mentors provide 'been there, done that' guidance, whereas Coaches may or may not have been where the client is, but they coach around bringing out the desired results for their client through the coaching relationship.
*Consultants, Counselors/Therapists and Mentors are incredibly valuable resources that Coaches often work in collaboration with to support the client, per the client's request.
Why choose Coaching?
-If you are visiting this page and curious about if coaching is for you, then it is likely circumstances in your life have you looking to connect with your internal compass.  If that is the case, congratulations!  You have taken the first step into enriching your journey and making conscious and empowered decisions that unlock your true leadership potential! So, now what?
-Good coaches know that clients who are ready to be coached, WANT to be coached. They are willing to do whatever is necessary to make the changes in their life and the sooner the better.  Good coaches also CHOOSE to work with clients who are READY and WILLING to be coached.
-The best way to know if you are ready to be coached is to have a conversation with me about where you are in your journey and if coaching is the right choice for you.  My approach to my business is that what I do is not for everyone and if in our conversation we discover this is not for you, that's great!  It is an opportunity for both of us to learn and expand our connection to others.
So what are you waiting for?  You know you want to make changes and you aren't sure how you want to do it, so contact me today and schedule you free 30 minute discovery session, to find the answers you're looking for!
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